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How Often Should You Meet With Your Business Accountant?

Once you engage a business accountant, the next question you may face is how often should you meet with them. The answer, as with many things in business, depends on your situation. What does that mean for you? Here are four of the most common meeting schedules between small businesses and their CPAs so you can pick the right one for you.

Popular Ways to Save for College

Popular Ways to Save for College — Surprise, AZ — Monheit Frisch CPAs PLCPaying for their children’s future college plans is a challenge most Americans face no matter what their current financial picture looks like. With the rising costs of attending college and a great deal of uncertainty around exactly how to plan, many parents find themselves unsure even where to begin. To help you get started, here is a short guide to common college savings tools.

529 Savings Plans

How Often Should You Meet With Your Financial Advisor?

Shake hands with Client — Surprise, AZ — Monheit Frisch CPAs PLCA financial planner or advisor is one of the best investments many people can make to help them reach financial and personal goals throughout their life. But when you engage a financial professional, how should you work with them in a practical manner? Should you check in with your financial advisor often or occasionally? And what can help you find the right balance? Discover a few answers. 

Do You Have a Standard Meeting Schedule?

The client needs of each financial advisor are unique, so you have no one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should meet. Certainly, you should meet in person with your advisor at least once per year. A lot of things can happen in a year, and so you should reevaluate what’s happened in your life and talk about what you expect to change in the next year or so.

What You Need to Know About S Corporation Income Taxes

Business Man Talking About Business - Surprise, AZ - Monheit Frisch Group, PLC Forming a corporation is an excellent way for any entrepreneur to protect themselves from financial risk and liability while pursuing their dream of business ownership. But if you choose an S Corporation, your work will be a little different from income taxes. What can you expect from your S Corp income tax preparation, and how can you get the best results? Learn a few answers.

How to Choose a Financial Planner

Choosing A Financial Planner - Monheit Frisch Group PLCA financial planner advises individuals and businesses on the best ways to invest and manage finances. If you choose the wrong financial planner, you risk your financial future.  Therefore, you should apply the right criteria to identify a reliable financial advisor. This article highlights tips to help you choose a reputable financial planner.

S Corporation Officers — Do You Pay Yourself a Reasonable Salary?

Are you an owner (part or full) of an S Corporation? Then you need to know about how to compensate yourself properly. For many small business owners, the amounts and types of compensation are often determined by whether or not the business is making a profit. But the IRS does actually provide rules about officer compensation, and when you follow these rules, you stay out of trouble. 

Behind the Scenes – How a Paraplanner Affects You

Behind the Scenes - How a Paraplanner Affects You

Do you plan to begin working with a financial planner? This step is surely one that will help put your new year on a good path financially. And as you consult with your new financial planner, you may be directed to do some tasks alongside a paraplanner. What is a paraplanner, and how can they help you reach your goals? Here is a brief guide to this unique part of the financial planning world.

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